DEPARTMENT “Animal Nutrition and Feed technology

Scientiests :

Research directions:

·        Fundamental and applied aspects of technologies of animal nutrition and feed production as key components of sustainable livestock production and food of animal origin. Special attention is paid to energy and protein nutrition and metabolism, incl. intermediate metabolism, and the regulation of feed intake. In times of crisis research is changing towards seeking cost-effective solutions, optimal nutrition, appropriate innovation investment and focus on sustainability.

·        Characteristics of feed quality (conventional, local, non-traditional, import, etc.) and additives as an integral part of the animal - environment – human chain. We use a problem-oriented approach aimed at identifying the regulatory mechanisms of nutrient intake, absorption, flow and transformation of nutrients in animal products. As a result we expect to establish a relationship between feed on the one hand and: animal health, food safety for humans and environment on the other. Feed for organic farming production is also subject to consideration and study.

·        Feed technology (milling, granulation, extrusion, etc.) is also inspected and its effects on the nutritional value of rations` components and utilization of nutrients by animals are tested. We are ready to offer safe, secure and experimentally verified feeding advice and interventions.