Department "Special branches"

Scientiests and specialists

Research activities

  • Subdivision “Bee keeping”

    - technologies for breeding bee families in different hive systems – Dadant, Langstroth and hives from synthetic materials

    - biologic and economic assessment of different technologies for breeding bee families; development of breeding programs for preservation and growing of local bee breeds.

    - analytical methods for quality control of bee products (honey, pollen, royal jelly, propolis and bee wax) and methods for assessing the ecological purity of bee products – residues of antibiotics, sulfonamides, heavy metals, acaricides

    - development of standardization documents for various bee products, concerning the requirements of the European Union

    - technologies for production of hybrid and pure-bred queens with increased productivity and other valuable qualities; supply of new systems for producing organic bee products.

  • Subdivision “Rabbit breeding”

    - Establishment of selection programs for breeding and selection of different rabbit breeds in Bulgaria

    - Development of technologies for industrial breeding of rabbits; evaluation of the microclimate in rabbit farms for different categories of rabbits.

    - Тesting of different feeding systems of different rabbit breeds and categories of rabbits; study on different feed additives in the feeding of rabbits.

    - Study on reproductive parameters and different methods for stimulation in different rabbit breeds

  • Subdivision “Horse breeding”

    - investigations related with breed formation and perfection of horse breeds. Investigations on the genealogy structure, biologic and economic qualities of East-Bulgarian, Pleven, Danube, English purebred, Trakehner, Haflinger etc. horse breeds.

    - investigations on introduction and acclimatization of various foreign horse breeds in the country. Researches on the phenotypic-genetic diversity and succession of selection trails.

    - elaboration of systems for preservation of the available horse breeds in the country.

    - “System for complex assessment of horses for breeding which are breed in Bulgaria” has been developed and realized in practice.