Finance & Accounting Department

Chief Accountant:

           Daniela Stankova – Tel.: +359 721 68945; +359 721 68946; +359 887 304705


  • Performs accounting of revenues and expenses on a full budget classification Chart of accounts for budget companies.
  • Prepares monthly and quarterly reports on cash execution of budget. Analyzes spending on salaries, and salaries for the month and make appropriate proposals.
  • Observe and implement current and subsequent control of the lawful production, processing and storage of accounting documents. Participates in the preparation and implementation of annual inventory and reporton the status of assets and liabilities.
  • Provides storage and use of accounting records in accordance with the Accounting Act and VAT № 20/2005. Supports the establishment and functioning of the financial management and control.
  • Monitor and be responsible for the operation of the dual signature, assuming anyfinancial commitment or of any expenditure shall be made only upon signature of the director and chief accountant.