Business administration & Marketing Department


  • eng. Mariana Krastanova – Head of Department, tel.: +359 721 68948; +359 885 838454
  • Petya Gologanova – Senior Expert Programmer, tel.: +359 721 68950; e-mail: dobrinova5q@abv.bg
  • Neli Ivanova – Senior Specialist, tel.: +359 721 68940

Main activities

  • Organizational and technical support - Provides interaction with the specialized institutes from the Agricultural Academy, and municipal services "Agriculture", NAAS and its regional units regional structures of State Fund "Agriculture", other divisions and departments of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food, local authorities management and administration, and made direct contact with farmers. Organize participation and presentation of the Institute of national and international exhibitions. Organizes open days, conferences, celebrations and round tables. Organize marketing and sales of animals and livestock production. Installation and setup software and systems and maintain their normal functioning.
  • Educational and methodical activity - Organizes general education courses and seminars, training courses, seminars and meetings with farmers, visits to animal farms, produces and distributes informational materials on animal husbandry.
  • Consulting activity - Provides specialized expertise in the form of advices, information and training for farmers, consultation for the preparation of business plans and technologies for livestock breeding.

The Department operates a library and internet room. Library holdings in livestock is one of the largest in the country and includes 26,187 volumes, including books and series - 16,240 volumes, journals - 9780 volumes (409 titles), volume 167 dissertations. The publications are in Bulgarian, English, Russian and other languages. The fund keeps Bulgarian editions of historical value from the nineteenth century and unique foreign journals in the country.