Assoc prof.  Svetlana Grigorova, Ph.D.



  • Biography


     Graduated Zooengineer , Higher Institute of Zootechnics and Veterinary medicine – Stara Zagora, Faculty of Zootechnics, 1984


     10.07.1991, Humboldt University, Germany on  „Untersuchungen zum Einfluβ ausgewählter Faktoren auf die Lipolyse in Rohmilch”

     Assoc. Prof.

     14.04.2009, Institute of Animal Science – Kostinbrod, code 04.02.04.

  • Research interests

    • Influence of multienzim complexes, probiotics, herbal extracts, heavy metals ect. on egg productivity, egg and meat quality

    •  Investigation of new rich in protein forages, which are an alternative of carcass meal in the compound feed of poultry

    • Alternative sources of crude fiber in the TMR for rabbits.


  • Participation in projects
    • New feed additives – alternative of nutritive antibiotics in nonruminant animals: 2004-2007.

    • Improve the health of livestock and quality of their products by feeding: 2007-2010.

    • Biological active herbal supplements stimulate the productivity of pigs, poultry and rabbits – 2008-2010.

    • International project with the Institute of Food Technology, Novi Sad Serbia on: Technology of animal feed safe for animals, human and environment.

    • Effective use of feed and reduce environmental damage by feeding of traditional, unconventional, waste forages and additives and technological processing: 2011-2013

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