DEPARTMENT “Ecology and quality”

Scientiests :


Research directions:



  • The Laboratory of meat quality performs carcass classification according to the SEUROP system as well as slaughter analysis of lambs, pigs and beef. Monitoring of the physicochemical composition of meat (pH, water holding capacity, colour, contents of protein, myoglobin, ash and fat) and biochemical analysis (lipid and protein oxidation and antioxidant activity) are carried out. The laboratory has equipment for hystochemical and electrophoretic studies (identification of muscle metabolic type, growth and development of muscle and adipose tissue, muscle and adipose cell size, microscopy) and lipidologic analyses such as fatty acid profile of muscle and adipose tissue, total cholesterol and phospholipid content.  


  • The research work in the field of ecology is mainly aimed to investigate the influence of some environmental factors on the response of the body of domestic and imported animals in relation to their adaptation and adoption of new farming systems comply with EU requirements.

  • The subject of farm animals ecology has been theoretically formulated and grounded. The effect of natural, social and  economic factors on the breeds geographic distribution has been analyzed.

  • The studies on the effect of the antropogenic factor have been further continued in the fi eld of animal breeding ecology. They have been accentuated on the problems of manure conservation and utilization, attention have been paid on the problems related with the zootechnical ergonomy.

  • A number of questions, related with evaluation of immunological reactivity reshaping as an adaptive response in the process of animal farms intensifi cation have been solved by the methods of ecological immunology.

  • Detailed studies have been conducted during the last 15 years on the effect of geo- chemical factors throughout the ecological chain “soil-plantanimal-man” in various agro-ecological regions of the country  known to have shortage or excess content of some elements, due to industrial soil and water pollution.