Sheep Breeding Department

Scientiests and specialists

Research activities

  • Breeding and selection of different sheep breeds
  • Genetic improvement of sheep breeds
  • Developing of and applying of systems for preservation and keeping of local breeds
  • Estimation of quantity and qualitative of the sheep production (meat, milk and wool) by modern methods
  • Assessment of composition and property of the sheep milk and morphologic characteristic of the udder
  • In vivo estimation of sheep and carcass estimation according to system (S)EUROP
  • Study on different aspects of sheep reproduction
  • Applying of different schemes for estrus synchronization and timed artificial insemination
  • Economic estimation of the effectiveness of sheep production

The scientists from the department “Sheep breeding” participate in: author teams for creation and elaboration of Bulgarian sheep breeds; developing of selection programs and normative documents in the area of sheep breeding; consultations to the farmers and training courses for classifiers of the carcasses according to the system (S) EUROP. The department offers scientific products and elite breeding animals for sheep practice.