Scientific conference with international participation "Animal science - challenges and innovations" - 1-3 November 2023!

  • The Institute

    In 2020 IAS celebrated 70 years since its foundation!
  • Scientific potential

    Now IAS employ 26 scientists - 2 professors, 12 associate professors and 12 researchers.
  • Departments and Labs

    Three scientific departments and 12 experimental laboratories.
  • Experimental base

    Meat cattles, sheep - meat and milk, horses, rabbits, poultry and bees are breeding.


Institute of Animal Science

The Institute of animal sciences-Kostinbrod was founded in 1950 by the Council of ministers decree №138. According to this decree the then Regional cooperative union and Central experimental station of poultry breeding were annexed as institutes, basis. In 1951 the land of the former stud farm in the village of Bojurishte and later -that of the subsidiaries in Zlatusha, Petrohan and the basis in the town of Loznitsa, Razgrad district, were placed at the Institute of animal sciences disposal.

The first director-founder of the Institute of animal sciences, Kostinbrod was s.r. 1-st degree Ph.D. Yakim Shalichev, who kept this position during the periods 1950-1960 and 1972-1977. The first scientifi c departments were set up in 1955 under his leadership and were as follow: cattle-breeding, sheep-breeding, pig-breeding, poultry-breeding, feeding of farm animals, feed production, economics and organization of the animal breeding, dairying and sericulture.

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